Trump’s GSA delists Kaspersky Labs as approved vendor amid Russian cyber-espionage claims

Kit McDonald

Kaspersky Lab has now been Trumped. According to Engadget, Kaspersky has been removed from two lists of approved vendors for IT services and digital photographic equipment by the GSA (General Services Administration).

Based in Russia, Kaspersky Lab is a widespread cyber-security company with over 400 million users worldwide, although since not all of its software carries its name, over half might not even know according to Bloomberg. Kaspersky has also been a long-time rival against Microsoft. It has even gone so far as to file antitrust complaints against the Redmond giant for pushing its own”inferior” antivirus in Windows 10.

The removal of Kaspersky Lab from the lists means that it is no longer approved for US government contracts, all based on allegations of assisting with Russian tampering and spy accusations. Even though Kaspersky claims that it has never, nor will not, help any government in cyberespionage.

Founder Eugene Kaspersky has offered source code as evidence, but so far the Trump administration isn’t budging. Reports from ABC News (via Reuters) reveal that President Trump may be considering a broader ban against Kaspersky completely. Currently, Kaspersky remains an available vendor, through third parties, even if it is delisted, which is likely to stoke some embers when it comes to their feelings towards the American-based Windows Defender.