Trolls vs Vikings for Windows 8.1 is a fun spin on the popular Plants vs Zombies game

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Trolls vs Vikings for Windows 8.1 is a fun spin on the popular Plants vs Zombies game

If you love Plants vs Zombies, then you will absolutely enjoy Trolls vs Vikings. This app is available right now for Windows 8.1 for free. There are over seventy levels and over thirty hours of bizarre but entertaining gameplay.

"Get ready for a mega fun and action packed tower defense adventure! Embark on an amazing journey across a fun and mythical world, where peaceful Trolls and magical creatures face Vikings and their Gods! Can you win this epic battle?" the app description reads.

The premise of the game is similar to Plants vs Zombies, however, instead of plants and zombies, the Vikings are invading the lands of the peaceful trolls. You must coordinate a defense against the Viking onslaught in this cool tower defense strategy game.

The game features clever ideas and entertaining characters, but the gameplay is very similar to that of PopCap's Plants vs Zombies. For example, instead of a Sunflower that produces sun, you have a character that produced moonstones. Instead of a peashooter, you have a troll that slings rocks. Here are the key features of this game:

  • 70+ Levels and 30+ hours of gameplay
  • 40+ wacky and wonderful characters
  • Astounding depth of play - Unlock Hard mode, discover an all new game
  • Movable and active units - More fun, more action
  • Massive Boss fights – Thor, Odin and others
  • Social features – Beat your friends
  • Labor of Love – We love this genre, and have made a game we really like to play ourselves

Watch the game in action via the video below and hit the download link to snag the app. It weighs in pretty hefty at 68.9 MB. Try it out and let us know if you like it!

Thanks for the tip, Steveo!

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