TripAdvisor, StubHub add-ins come to new version of Skype

Laurent Giret

The new version of Skype is getting two new add-ins for TripAdvisor and StubHub today. For those unfamiliar, Skype add-ins let you to access some popular services such as Giphy or MSN Weather within Skype. We remind you that add-ins are only available in the new, cross-platform version of Skype (version 8.x), and you can access by pressing the “+” button in a chat or group conversation.

The new TripAdvisor add-in lets you search the travel site without leaving your Skype conversation, and share information about hotels, restaurants and more with your contacts.

As for StubHub, it’s a ticket marketplace for sports, concerts, theater and other live entertainment events. With the new add-in, you can discover, buy tickets and shared event details right within Skype. Please note that the availability of Skype add-ins may differ by region, so you may not see these two additions today. Microsoft is regularly bringing new add-ins to Skype v8, but we hope they will soon become available in Skype for Web and the Skype for Windows 10 app.