Tribes Ascend still in closed beta, developers identifying and eliminating cheaters

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Tribes Ascend, an upcoming sci-fi online multi-player shooter and successor to Tribes 2, is currently in a closed Beta program and the developers are not taking things lightly. In fact, developer Hi-Rez Studios is identifying and banning those that are cheating in the closed beta.

“We’ve already banned scores of cheaters, nearly all through automatic detection,” Developer Hi-Rez stated in a forum post. “We continue to strengthen and improve our anti-cheat mechanisms each week – and utlize a variety of techniques, not just one, to help identify and eliminate cheaters.”

Hi-Rez obviously depends on the purchase of booster packs and different items for revenue, and those that cheat will only scare away legitimate players. The developers have added a new “cheat reporting” feature in the game to help nail any cheaters out there.

The discovery of an “aimbot hack” surfaced over a week ago during the closed beta program and Hi-Rez has taken all measures possible to ban those involved.

Tribes Ascend is scheduled to officially launch in 2012 and will soon feature an Open Beta program where anyone can participate without invitation to play the game.

Enter here for a chance to be a part of the closed beta.

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