Tribes Ascend now in Open Beta, includes four new maps and bug fixes

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Feb 25th, 2012 inNews

Tribes Ascend, an upcoming sci-fi online multi-player shooter and successor to Tribes 2, just recently concluded a Closed Beta program and has now entered an Open Beta for all to experience. On top of that, the developers have promised some brand-new content .

As of now, anyone can participate in the Open Beta and the game features several improvements since the Closed Beta. For example, there are four new maps, including two for a new game mode called Arena Deathmatch. There are also new items for the soldier class, new default suits for Doombringer and Brute classes, and several bug fixes.

The developers have also added a new cheat reporting feature in the game to help nail any cheaters out there. The discovery of an “aimbot hack” surfaced over a week ago during the closed beta program and Hi-Rez has taken all measures possible to ban those involved.

Tribes Ascend is scheduled to officially launch in 2012 and you can participate in the Open Beta by going here.

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