Tribes Ascend Closed Beta officially under way

Tribes Ascend, the popular sci-fi online multi-player shooter and successor to Tribes 2, has now entered a closed Beta program as of today. For those looking to snag an early peak at the much anticipated game, you still have a chance to be considered for acceptance into the closed beta.

“The Closed Beta build of Tribes: Ascend includes two initial class options – the Soldier and the Ranger, 10 additional classes available to be permanently unlocked, 3 drivable vehicles, 2 game-modes, and servers located across North America, Europe and Australia,” the official press release states.

At the moment, there are three ways to enter this closed beta. Users must have an invitation to play this game. First, potential testers can register to receive an invitation. Second, gamers can pre-purchase Tribes: Ascend VIP Starter package to receive an automatic admission into the Beta program. The final way to enter the program is to look out for promotions and contests.

Tribes Ascend is scheduled to officially launch in 2012 and will feature an Open Beta program where anyone can participate without invitation to play the game.

Enter here for a chance to be a part of the closed beta.

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