Trekstor’s new Windows phone is being crowdfunded for a 2018 release

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As 2017 is coming to a close, pretty much no one excepts new Windows phones to come to market in the near future, especially since Microsoft’s acknowledged that the OS is now in maintenance mode. Even HP, one of the last supporters of Microsoft’s mobile platform recently admitted that it’s no longer interested in Windows 10 Mobile.

Earlier this year, US company WhartonBrooks started an Indiegogo campaign to launch a mid-range Windows 10 Mobile handset called the Cerulean moment, and it turned out to be a failure. If you thought this experiment would prevent other companies to attend to do the same though, you’re wrong.

That’s right, German company Tresktor has just launched a new Indiegogo campaign for its WinPhone 5.0, another mid-range Windows 10 Mobile handset that will probably appeal to very few people (via Windows Central). The company is looking to raise €500,000 from Windows Phone fans in just a month, and at the time of our writing it already collected 25,120 from 139 backers.

The German company sees the WinPhone 5.0 as a better version of its WinPhone 4.7 released in 2015. Trekstor already showcased the new handset back at IFA 2017, and it features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and a 13MP main camera. There is really nothing exceptional about this handset, and Windows Phone fans will be probably better off with the $199 Alcatel Idol 4S, which has much better specs.

We’ll be watching how this latest experiment goes, but we probably all know how the end of the story. There are still many Windows phone users out there, but a big part of the user base is now moving to greener pastures. Android is now the only viable platform for phone manufacturers, and Trekstor should soon realize this sad state of fact.


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