Transparent tiles spotting running on Xbox One, could arrive with the next preview update

Xbox One

The ‘Metro’ tile-based design language has become something of a calling card for Microsoft, implemented across all of their devices and software, it has become synonymous with the brand in the same way as the Windows logo and the ‘start’ menu.

Earlier in the year, Redmond opted to alter the format somewhat however. With the latest update to Windows Phone 8, that is to say Windows Phone 8.1, users gained the capability to customize their live tiles to a degree. In addition to gaining a new third row of tiles, users could place an image behind the tiles, which then became transparent, allowing the image to become the focus of attention. In addition to being quite attractive, it proved to be a popular feature among users, who had become somewhat too familiar with the traditional color-blocking mode of display.

Now, it seems that Microsoft are to roll this change out to Xbox One users, allowing them to customize their interface a little more than before. The transparent tiles were spotted during a live stream by Major Nelson himself. No further information is available at the moment, but it we could see this change appear in the next preview update for Xbox One in 2015.

Will you use transparent tiles on your Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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