Transition from Visual Studio Application Insights to HockeyApp ongoing, here’s what’s new

Kareem Anderson

Last month, Microsoft’s Azure team announced an update to help customers transition their desktop and mobile app tracking from Visual Studio Application Insight to the HockeyApp. Since the announcement the Azure team has been quietly at work improving the initial process of transition and are apparently ready to highlight key improvements, they have developed along the way.

In a new blog post issued today, the Microsoft Azure team is walking customers through the transition from Visual Studio Application Insight to HokeyApp and the improvements therein.

Let’s dig into Analytics. This feature has previously not been available for Mobile and Desktop apps in Application Insights, but is as of today available for all Application Insights apps! Analytics lets you interact with Application Insights data by allowing you to execute ad-hoc queries. These queries can be as simple as retrieving the last n pieces of data, and as extensive as using our built-in machine learning algorithms to programmatically detect patterns. The results can be visualized in several ways right within the editor, as well as exported to CSV or into a PowerBI dashboard. This means that by asking probing questions, you can quickly investigate root cause for breaks in your app, dig into usage data, understand performance problems, and more!

The blog post also includes several step by step instructions to move data between the two services as well as example queries to run to replicate current standing analytics.

The Azure team also advises using the bellow process to monitor insights within HockeyApp as customer’s transition.

  • Try Analytics, a powerful tool for ad-hoc querying your data, allowing you to diagnose and for analyze your telemetry and quickly discover root causes and patterns.
  • Upgrade to the HockeyApp SDK for your existing Mobile and Desktop apps to take advantage of all the HockeyApp features.
  • Use HockeyApp to instrument new Mobile and Desktop apps, and coming soon, link them to Application Insights to explore your data through Analytics.

For more details, visit the Microsoft Azure blog.