TRANSFORMERS: Devastation is now available for both Xbox One and 360

If you're a fan of Transformers and you've got an Xbox console, then we've got good news for you. TRANSFORMERS: Devastation is now available for purchase for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Developed by PlatinumGames, this fast-paced action game allows the player perform quick robot-to-vehicle attacks, counterattacks, and combos to experience a great combat system. You can play any one of these Autobots―Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock. The player can play in five difficulty levels and a vast customization system which promises the player hours of gameplay.
It's also great that the robots are voiced by Actors from the popular TV series, with Peter Cullen voicing Optimus, Dan Gilvezan voicing Bumblebee, and Frank Welker voicing Megatron and Soundwave.
You can get the game for $49.99 on the Xbox Games Store or from one of the links below. Be sure to share with us what you think about the game in the comments below.
TRANSFORMERS: Devastation for Xbox One
TRANSFORMERS: Devastation for Xbox 360

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