Traffic Frenzy lets users control the busy city traffic on their Windows Phone handset

Hammad Saleem

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Traffic Frenzy

Controlling traffic in the busy streets of L.A. may not be the easiest thing to do. Ever wished if you could control it and make sure there are no long lines on the roads? Traffic Frenzy for Windows Phone is an excellent arcade game that can make this wish come true.

As the name suggests, Traffic Frenzy is a simple tap-based game that give users the ability to control the city traffic, by tapping on the traffic lights and control the insane traffic coming from different sides. Use your judgement on which lanes to open and avoid crashes as the traffic on the roads will increase if your don’t take necessary steps. The game comes with 25 levels, and becomes more difficult as you progress in the game. Your task is to make sure the traffic system is smooth, avoid accidents, use power ups and more. 

“Games2win proudly presents a new arcade game that is sure to whip you into a frenzy. Start your traffic controlling career in the city of angels and watch the traffic fly by. Simply tap the traffic lights to change them, avoid accidents and clear the cars in your lane. Make use of cool power ups to boost the speed of your cars, clear intersections with bombs and slow down the oncoming traffic. Unleash some of that pent up road rage and get into a frenzy with Games2win’s Traffic Frenzy! Use your speed and judgement to prevent traffic jams,” according to the app description.

Hit the download link below to download the game for your Windows Phone handset, and test your skills. Let us know in the comments below about your reviews.