Trackpad Settings app for Surface Pro updated to resolve Touch/Type cover detection issue

Trackpad Settings

Recently, we broke the story about the recent April 2013 firmware update for the Surface Pro creating a disruption in the app in which it would show your Touch or Type cover as ‘Not Connected.’ This issue only affected the Surface Pro and Microsoft had promised an update in the near future.

Microsoft has followed through on its promise and released an update for the Trackpad Settings app, resolving the issue that was created. Turns out, the issue had to do with the update KB2822241. “This update fixes a compatibility issue with Windows KB2822241, which results in the App not recognizing your Touch or Type Cover,” the app description read.

For those that don’t know, KB2822241 is a cumulative update package that includes performance and reliability improvements for Windows 8. This update was released during the April 2013 Patch Tuesday. Looks like Microsoft didn’t want to wait until the May 2013 Patch Tuesday to release an update, by offering the update now!

Hit the download link below to snag the updated app. Or update the app via Windows Store if you have it installed already.

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