Trackpad settings app for Surface Pro failing to recognize Touch/Type cover

Trackpad Settings

For those that don’t know, there is a neat app available in the Windows Store for your Surface RT or Surface Pro, which helps you manage some settings of your built-in trackpad on the Touch and Type Cover. Unfortunately, with the latest firmware update, the app isn’t working as it should.

According to complaints on the official support site, the recent April 2013 firmware update to the Surface Pro causes a disruption in the app in which it shows your Touch or Type cover as ‘Not Connected.’ It appears that this issue is non-existent for the Surface RT.

“This happens all the time. I’ve tried every possible scenario (on both Surface Pro and Surface RT)… normal shutdown and restart, hard shutdown and restart, uninstall the app and reinstall, finally a ‘Refresh Your PC without affecting your files’… still not recognized,” one user stated on the support forums in reference to the Touch/Type cover not being recognized.

“Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it as soon as possible,” a Microsoft support member stated on the official support website. The Trackpad Settings app lets a Surface owner control the tap and gestures function on the Touch/Type cover.

Microsoft had released a firmware update for the Surface Pro on April 9th. Chances are Microsoft will offer a fix during the next round of firmware updates in May. Have you experienced this issue?

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