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How to track your workouts on the Microsoft Band 2

One of the big perks of owning a Microsoft Band 2 is the ability to track your workouts. Whether you are doing cardio, weight training, or just walking, the Microsoft Band can keep track of what you are doing and record stats.
To begin tracking your workouts, simply press the power button on your Microsoft Band. Swipe left and tap the Exercise tile (it features a dumbbell as the icon). Look for "Start a new workout" and tap the current exercise and swipe up or down to select it. Press the action button to begin your exercise routine. During this time, you can double press the action button to change the view in the Exercise tile. Once you are done or want to pause, just press the action button once. Swipe left and rap Resume to continue, or swipe left and tap End Session to display your stats.
You can edit workouts via the Microsoft Health app. Open the app and on the home screen tap your latest workout to name or rename. You can also share a workout via the app by tapping the latest workout and sharing it via the summary screen. Deleting a workout is easy too -- just tap the delete option in the summary.
You can see your workout stats on your Band by swiping left and cycling through workout duration, calories burned, and peak/average heart rate. The same can be accomplished on your phone using the Health app. Tap the hamburger icon in the app and select History. Simply tap on a workout you did to see your stats.

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