Toy Story Smash It! now available in the Windows Phone Store, play as Buzz Lightyear

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Toy Story Smash It screenshot

Calling all Toy Story fans! Toy Story: Smash It! Is now available in the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store. It’s a new and interesting game, not like the "runner" games that we’ve been recently getting. The main goal of the game is take out all the targets with a limited number of bouncing balls with your main character, Buzz Lightyear.

“Toy Story: Smash it!” is an all-new, 3D physics-based puzzle game featuring your favorite “Toy Story” characters! Embark on new adventures with the Toys through hilarious encounters in outer space, alien chases in the Wild West, and more! With 90 levels of nonstop puzzle play, this game will provide hours of explosive and thrilling fun!” the app description reads.

This app uses a similar technique as the Angry Birds collection. You can always try to aim for the highest score, with the aim to get 3 stars. Also, with the 90 levels grouped in 6 episodes, it gets harder after every episode. But that’s not saying the game is bad, in fact it’s very fun and entertaining. Just like what Windows Phone Central said, the game is an “entertaining, addictive, fun Windows Phone game”.

Toy Story Smash It! goes for $1.99, but unfortunately, there is no trial version, so it’s only available as an outright purchase. For folks with Windows 8, you can also download the app that only goes for $4.99, which also has no trial. The download links have been provided below as well as a trailer for the app.

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