Super Bowl apps: Grab the Touchdown! collection to stay informed with postseason news, interviews and more

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Touchdown! app collection keeps you informed with postseason news, interviews and more

As we get closer to the Super Bowl on February 1, 2015, the Touchdown! Collection of apps and games for Windows PCs, tablets, and Windows Phone help football fans stay informed with news, live coverage, game analysis, and fantasy team results. There are several Windows and Windows Phone apps that I use to keep me updated on the latest win by my hometown football team, the New England Patriots.

NFL Now is an app for Windows and Windows Phone that offers interviews and feature stories about your favorite coaches, players, and teams. Keep yourself updated with the latest information about the only thing that matters to you; football. I just started using NFL Now on my Surface RT tablet, and it’s a simple interface that provides you with up-to-the-second news, scores, and more.

NFL Connect offers a slightly different experience. NFL Connect allows you to play in head-to-head competition while you watch your team play live. You can predict touchdowns, scores, and player stats as if you were in the real game. There are no real-world prizes, but competing with your friends for bragging rights is always a plus.   

Find the Touchdown! collection for Windows and Windows Phone in the links below!

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