A totally new Bing app has been made for the iPhone

The Bing team has taken to their blog to announce a completely new version of their Bing app for the iPhone, with a fresh design, new interactions, and capabilities to link with existing apps.
The new elegant design now closely matches iOS' guidelines while adding some Bing flare, with soft colors, thin iconography, lots of roundness on the buttons, and Bing's staple moving home image. In a bit of irony, the new Bing app for iOS now adopts a pivot design for its menu items, which stays at one hand-friendly level near the bottom of the screen and can be swiped to reveal more options (there are a lot of swipe interactions presented in the app), something Microsoft has abandoned somewhat on its own OS in the transition from Windows 8 to Windows 10 design paradigm in favor of the controversial hamburger menu.
Touted as allowing you to "focus on the things that you want to find and do, rather than where and how to accomplish them," the new Bing app also let you accomplish a variety of search-related activities right from the app, using capabilities to link with other apps on your iPhone. This includes watching a movie or booking a restaurant or movies ticket, right from the search results. Netflix, EventBrite, TripAdvisor and Apple Maps are the apps shown to be linked, with more for the users to discover. You can also explore nearby attractions with the Near Me feature.

The new Bing app looks like a well-designed addition to Microsoft's offerings on Apple's mobile OS. A lot of thoughts has clearly been put into how iPhone users interact with their devices, resulting in an interface and user experience that's optimized for touch use,  and given that the blog post mentions "all mobile users" as well, we can only hope that some of these knowledge will show itself in future iterations of apps on Microsoft's own platforms.

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