Toshiba feels ‘re-energized’ by Windows 8.1, launches new devices

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Toshiba Satellite Click photo

We’ve seen in the past quarter how a couple of Windows OEMs stopped producing Windows RT tablets because of its failure to capture the market’s attention, that is, before they reduced the devices’ prices. Microsoft has since introduced Windows 8.1, an update that will bring many missing features in Windows 8. The update is available for all Windows 8 license owners for free on October 17, 2013. The Windows 8.1 ‘RTM’ has been given out to OEMs on August 23rd.

When Toshiba saw the new features and how much Windows 8.1 has become an improvement, they saw a chance to release new devices. That’s why they announced three new device models at the IFA 2013, the 8-inch Encore tablet, the 13.3-inch Satellite Click which is a detachable laptop, and the NB15T laptop.

The 8-inch Encore tablet is the first Windows 8.1 tablet. It features an Intel Bay Atom processor, 32 GB of internal storage, and a microSD slot that can handle 32 GB of storage. It also features a 1,280×800 IPS multi touch display that allows the Windows 8.1 Start screen in both orientations, landscape and portrait. It has a polycarbonate textured silver back cover and rounded edges. The tablet also has an 8-megapixel camera, dual microphones, and a Micro-HDMI port. This will sell for only $329 at major retailers.

The Satellite Click is a hybrid tablet-laptop that will feature a 13.3-inch screen with a 1,366×768 display that will have a detachable keyboard and touchpad. It will come with AMD’s A4 processor with a 500 GB HDD and 4 GB of RAM. The Click is not a high-end PC, but Toshiba promises that the battery life will make up for these specifications because it will have batteries in both the keyboard and the tablet. The Click will have a brushed-metal design and will sell for $599 exclusively at Best Buy.

The NB15T is the cheapest of the devices that Toshiba released at the IFA. It has an 11-inch touch-screen laptop. Just like the Satellite Click, it will feature a 500 GB hard drive and a low-end Intel Celeron processor. The CPU is upgradable, but for a price. This laptop will weigh only 3.3 pounds and will be just under 1-inch thick. It will have a polycarbonate base and metal accents. This device will be available in November 2013 for only $379 and will be sold at major retailers.

While OEMs are releasing their high-end devices, Toshiba is focusing on the pricing of its devices. The Encore tablet is Toshiba’s advanced version of the iPad mini, featuring Windows 8.1, an Intel processor, an ultra-book GPU, Microsoft Office, a microSD card slot, a USB slot, the same size and battery and all for the same price. These devices are for people on a tight budget with great performance and spectacular battery life.

Will you pick up one of these devices instead of the upcoming iPad mini with Retina display? 

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