Top Gear races into Windows 8.1 with new ‘Cool Wall’ app

Top Gear races into Windows with new 'Cool Wall' app

Top Gear, the highly-rated UK car show, is back for season 21, with Jeremy, Richard and James taking a fresh look at the latest models on the market. To complement the latest run of the series, the franchise has added a bit of “interactive” through a new Windows 8/8.1 app that has hit the store.

The new offering features a number of cars to choose from. “You can use your Windows PC and tablet to install the app and choose from more than 300 cars to create a “Cool Wall” of photos and details on each vehicle. (You can also browse the ‘Original Cool Wall’ from the show.) And, to mix it up a bit, you can also select cars you think are seriously uncool, cool and sub-zero”, the company announces.

The app isn’t restricted to the cars included, as users can add their own images if they so desire. All of this functionality isn’t free — it will set you back $1.49, which is considerably less than the cost of that new Ferrari you just saw on the show.

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