The top five free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps as of May 4th

The top five free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps as of May 4th

The Windows Phone Store is home to over 250,000 apps worldwide. Let's take a look at the Windows Phone Store and see which apps are at the top of the charts when it comes to the free, paid, and trending categories. You might even discover your new favorite app!

Currently in the Windows Phone Store, the top-five free apps in the United States are Nokia Creative Studio, OneDrive, Music, Facebook, and HERE Maps. The top-five paid apps are Movie Maker 8.1, Melodia, Pocket Explorer, FLV Video Player HD, and MKV Player. The top-five trending apps are Movie Moments, Music Hub Tile, Movie Maker 8.1, Accent Builder, and FileEx.

Just recently, we brought you FileEx - a feature rich file manager app for Windows Phone 8.1. Many of you voiced your opinions about the app and even the app developer was active in our comments section. We are happy to announce today that a new version of FileEx was made available by the app developer, thanks to your feedback. 

"I just released a new version of FileEx, with completely rebuilt UI and controls; changes are based on the feedback from first users and especially from the great comments of WinBeta readers in the article about the app. If you could let the WinBeta readers know about this update and while doing so share with them my appreciation for all the great and active feedback they gave me, it would be amazing," the app developer (Martin Zikmund) told Winbeta. Thank you Martin for taking suggestions from users of your app!

Let's highlight a few apps for your downloading pleasure.

The top five free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps as of May 4th

FileEx (free)While some of you might find no interest in a file manager for Windows Phone, there will be some who are itching to have this feature native in Windows Phone. While we have yet to see an official file manager make its appearance, there are several alternative apps out there - one of them being FileEx.

"FileEx is the first real file explorer for your phone. You are now free to browse all folders and files in your phone a perform multiple operations - moving, copying, deleting folders and even sharing and renaming multiple files at once is no problem for FileEx! To access folders and files faster you can use the Favorites feature and can also pin any item for fast access. The user interface is very simple and streamlined and uses your selected accent color to make sure the experience is just awesome!" the app description reads.

The app was recently updated with the following new features:

  • Completely rebuilt user interface based on user feedback
  • Deleted secondary bottom menu in folder view
  • Selecting files by tapping the left border of file lists
  • New icons for files and folders
  • Smaller title in main hub
  • "Settings" and "About" moved to bottom menu
  • New splashscreen​
  • Changed icons for copy/cut and paste.

The top five free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps as of May 4th

Camera360 (free) - Camera360 for WindowsPhone comes from Camera360, the best camera app in the world, which has over 200 million users globally. This fantastic app comes with several camera modes and various exposures to bring out your inner creativity.

"As the most popular camera app, it has a unique and creative compass, with six scenes to choose different effects, which can let all the amazing effects to help you record every wonderful moment in your life. But more than that, you also can choose the manual focus and the manual exposure to get more professional photos. Then in the powerful editing page, you can endow your photo with plenty of imagination. All these are from Camera360 for WindowsPhone," the app description reads.

This app was recently updated to version and adds support for Windows Phone 8.1, along with support for transparent tiles.

The top five free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps as of May 4th

GoLockscreens (free) - "With GoLockscreens you are able to browse, discover, and download all sorts of lockscreen images. You'll even be able to be social with lockscreens! Share your own lockscreens so the rest of the world can use your masterpiece. And of course you can use other people's masterpieces. You can also comment on and like lockscreen images," the app description reads.

If you like spicing up your lockscreen with different images, check out this free app. 

The top five free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps as of May 4th

Movie Moments (free) - This app for Windows Phone was recently made available by Microsoft and lets you turn any video into a memorable moment. The idea is to create a clip of up to sixty seconds in length which can then be shared through the social network of your choice, via email, or just shown on your phone.

"Turn any video into a memorable moment you’ll love to share. With this app, you can trim your video to your favorite parts, highlight key moments with captions and effects, and set the mood with music," the app description reads.

Creating your own movie moment is incredibly simple. Capture some footage and you will be invited to edit it down to a shorter clip -- you have a maximum length of one minute, but you can opt for less if you like. Don’t worry if you're not a dab hand at video editing, this is a simple matter of adjusting the start and end points.

The top five free, paid, and trending Windows Phone apps as of May 4th

Movie Maker 8.1 ($1.49) - "The first Video Editor on the Windows Phone Store. Mix your videos, pictures and music as you really want and tell your own story. All you need is at your fingertips, a beautifully streamlined interface will let you control every frame of your movie," the app description reads.

Currently trending in the Windows Phone Store, this neat app allows you to perfectly mix your videos, music, and pictures to create your own movie. As you can see from the screenshots above, the interface is beautiful and easy to navigate. Here are the key features of this app:

  • Pick any video or image from your phone library or live from the camera
  • Pick any music or audio file on your phone
  • Easily trim, crop and split video clips and audio tracks
  • Set single block volume level
  • Copy, paste, move and delete clips at any position
  • Use simple playback controls to review clips
  • Zoomable real-time preview
  • Set image duration on the movie
  • Apply the awesome Nokia filter effects
  • Movie projects (save/restore)
  • Sharing with any compatible app: Facebook, Email, Messenger, Office, etc.

Stay tuned for next week's Windows Phone highlights!

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