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Lisbon and Morristown NJ – November 3, 2010 – TM Forum and SAPO today announced the Service Delivery Broker (SDB) Catalyst to demonstrate a leading management solution for software-enabled services on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform. SDB shows how third-party customers and partners can innovatively and rapidly create value from services provider’s service enablers, and how service providers can add to this value by providing an end-to-end management solution to the marketplace for these new services.

The TM Forum Catalyst Program provides an environment for the industry to work together to solve common, critical challenges through collaborative short-term projects that culminate in live demonstrations. The SDB Catalyst involves SAPO encompassing the SDB platform, PT Inovação providing the oneAPI service enablers, and Microsoft with Windows and SQL Azure.

The Catalyst includes several real-world scenarios, using the concepts of TM Forum Software Enabled Services (SES) Management Solution (formerly known as TM Forum Service Delivery Framework) and other industry standards through a multi-company (PaaS/SaaS) solution for managing new services. Whether hosted on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid-cloud solution, the SDB enables cost-effective, automatic and standardized service delivery and management across all phases of the software-enabled service lifecycle.

SAPO Service Delivery Broker is a software platform that encompasses the following components:

• SDB Runtime – A middleware engine that enables and demonstrates the exchange of messages between service consumers, such as third party apps and SaaS providers, and service enablers from Service Providers and network operators, that have key business and service capabilities near the end user customer. It provides cross-cutting features to service enablers like: authentication, authorization, data transformation, intermediate routing, throttling, load balancing, policy enforcement, protocol bridging, notifications, etc.

• SDB Support Application – A web application that allows the management of the services lifecycle, the SDB runtime, a marketplace, SLAs, and product lifecycles.

• SDB Marketplace – A web site where third parties can buy access to service provider’s product offers such as web applications, web services, native mobile applications, etc. and sell their own too.

The SBD Catalyst will be demonstrated live within Forumville at TM Forum’s Management World Americas 2010 conference, which is taking place from November 9 – 11, in Orlando, FL.

Key Facts

• SDB was developed by SAPO Service Bus Team as part of SAPO SOA adoption and is in operation for five years.

• SDB is fully aligned with the current work of TM Forum SES Management Solution specifications project.

• SDB provides standardized service management and delivery.

• The Catalyst puts into practice TM Forum TMF525 Business Agreement use cases; real-time charging; revenue sharing between the operator and application provider; and the delivery of a SaaS application that uses SES Management Interface (SES-MI).

• PT Inovação provides OneAPI Services Enablers that make possible and meaningful the realization of the use cases.

• Through its IaaS Services, Microsoft Windows and SQL Azure provide the right platform to deliver the SDB as a PaaS/SaaS solution.

• Costs are reduced using SDB in a PaaS/SaaS model.

• The Catalyst realizes the Telco 2.0 two-sided business model.

Supporting Quotes

“SAPO’s next step on Service Orientation adoption is improving SOA governance. We found within TM Forum Service Delivery Framework [now called Software Enabled Services] Team the guidelines for managing the services lifecycle and in the Catalyst Program a way to capture industry feedback about our implementation and the business models that we’re going to show. The service management, along with SAPO’s Service Delivery Broker, enables companies to empower the long tail. It is foreseeable that this showcase will make a stand to the industry, showing a solid solution approach to become a Telco 2.0.” Celso Martinho, CTO at SAPO.PT and Board member at PT Inovação

“This project combines many of the key priorities for the industry including managing software-enabled services, cloud and two sided business models into a demonstration that becomes a blueprint for the industry. These concepts are all critical to creating a mature implementation for delivering new services, and one that will enable its users to truly compete in the market.” Aileen Smith, SVP Collaboration, TM Forum


• To learn more about the SDB Catalyst, please visit:

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