Titanfall for Windows PC is running free on Origin for 48 hours

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Titanfall for Windows PC is running free on Origin for 48 hours

Digital distributor, Origin, has launched "Origin Game Time," a Windows PC-compatible software which will offer the full versions of popular game titles for free. The launch comes just hours after competitor Steam began its popular summer sale. The first game to arrive on Origin’s software is Respawn’s action-packed title, Titanfall.

All the games available on Origin Game Time will run on a time limitation. EA is offering Titanfall for free for 48 hours. The clock starts ticking only when you have started playing the game. Users will have full access to the title, and the entire game progress will be saved and forwarded should they choose to buy the game.

This new plan is currently in the roll out phase, and will soon hit Origin’s Free Games page when available. Titanfall was one of the most successful game on Xbox One this year. Launched last year, the title had sold over 5 million copies by the end of March. You can get to the Origin page via the link.

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