Titanfall Update 8 features Ranked Play (beta) and much more!

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Titanfall Udate 8 features Ranked Play (beta) and so much more!

If you aren't familiar with Titanfall, it was the Xbox One exclusive title that Microsoft meant use in order to entice customers into the next generation of gaming. It featured a heavy focus on multiplayer-online gaming, with the story as just an afterthought. For it to be successful, updates are key, as otherwise it will just become stale. The Titanfall team has been doing a great job providing new content and maps.

Today they have announced Update 8 -- their biggest so far (and they have warned it includes experimental features that could have some bugs).

Ranked Play

The biggest addition is Titanfall's own take on Ranked Play, which is now in beta. Everyone in Gen 10, or those who reach Gen 10 during the beta, will be allowed to join. These players will get 5 invites each, that they can give to anyone.

Each pilot in Ranked Play will get a 'Rank Chip'; this will measure your skills and you start off at Bronze I. By hitting goals you can rank up to silver, then gold, and then 'beyond' as it measures if you're pulling your weight, your Kill to Death ratio, etc. It does put pressure for you to get the best stats as possible. Hence, if you feel like a casual game, you can turn on and turn off Rank Chip as you wish.

Lastly, turning your Rank Chip on, will replace your Gen Tag with your current rank, which will be visible to all other players that have their Rank Chip on. To read every detail about the Ranked Play, click here.

Pilot v. Titan

Other Updates

  • Frontier Defense is a brand new cooperative game mode in which you can now deploy stationary turrets, leverage Loadout Crates, shoot enemies from drop ships during respawn, earn up to 3 Map Stars, and fight new enemies including IMC Grunts, Spectres, Nuclear Titans, ranged Mortar Titans, Arc Titans, and more.
  • Capture the Flag will now go into sudden death (no respawning) if the score is tied at the end of the timer, with the first flag captured resulting in victory.
  • Each map now has 3 stars you can earn, and new Titan Insignias to unlock. You can now bring up a full screen map (instead of relying solely on a mini map). The update also includes Private Match Burn Card Sets, Black Market Additions, New Titan OS Voices, promises for new Game Modes, and much more.

You can read the full details here, and enjoy them on your Xbox One. 

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