Titanfall 2 and Watchdogs 2 being sold at a big discount in Canada

WatchDogs 2 and Titanfall 2 for Xbox One are up for grabs in Canada with attractive discounts. Canadian gamers can grab Titanfall 2 from Walmart Canada for just CAD 49.96  while Watchdogs 2 Standard Edition is discounted by CAD 30 by Amazon Canada bringing its price download to CAD 49.96 -- that's with free shipping. Each title is listed for $79.99 CAD on the Canadian Microsoft Store, but include a $10 promo code.

Unfortunately, Titanfall 2 appears to be out of stock from Walmart, but customers interested in Watchdogs 2 can grab it before it's stock runs out. It's worth mentioning that Watch Dogs 2 is set to hit retail on November 15th later this year. It was revealed by the banner leaked earlier, but now that Amazon has it listed on its website, as well as on the watchdogs.com website, we can safely say that Watch Dogs 2 will be available from November 15th.


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