Some tips and tricks for using Office Mobile on Windows tablets and the iPad Pro

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Microsoft Mechanics are back again with their latest video on YouTube, covering the newest updates to Microsoft’s Office Mobile applications. These latest updates span both Windows 10 PCs, like the Surface Pro 4 and Apple’s iPad Pro, adding a list of features and abilities that help in increasing your productivity on the go. Here are the quick highlights from the video:

  • Microsoft Sway: Previously only a web-based, story-telling application, Sway is now available as a Windows 10 app, with all features in tow.
  • Microsoft Office Mobile: New updates to the Office Mobile versions of  Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Windows 10 devices with improvements to touch editing, photo transitions, creating with inking abilities, copying and pasting.
  • Microsoft Office for iPad Pro: New updates to the Office apps for iPad are improved with annotation capabilities, copy and paste from two side-by-side apps and enhancements to touch capabilities for better document creation.

Updates for Office are available now for use from the Windows Store and App Store. With Microsoft continuing to update their Office suite of applications, the capabilities you have on mobile devices, such as the Surface Pro 4, are increasingly more powerful with each update. The addition of iPad Pro support increases the accessibility of Office across many devices, combining the same layout, performance and sharing of information between the entire suite of apps. How are you enjoying these new updates to Office? Let us know in the comments.

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