Tiny Troopers sequel and Lines puzzle game coming soon to Windows Phone

Brad Stephenson

Tiny Troopers sequel and Lines puzzle game coming soon to Windows Phone

After Microsoftinsider.es revealed the existence of Tiny Troopers 2 in the Windows Phone Store, developer Game Troopers has now officially confirmed to WinBeta the existence of the game. On top of that, Game Troopers has confirmed the leaked media associated with it, such as this official description from the app’s listing;

Tiny Troopers is back! And does it better than ever! Get ready to fight again, soldier! Test your courage and guide your troops to victory in three exciting special operations. Get on the military jeep and manages the 50-caliber machine gun as you battle your way through hostile territory, but beware of bullets and shells! Dress up your soldiers with new uniforms and train them to rise in rank. Improving their guns and guards to survive as long as possible on the battlefield. Recruit all kinds of specialists: doctors, machine guns, Delta operators, soldiers with flamethrowers … This will complete the tasks more easily. Sophisticated Tiny Troopers 2 controls allow you to move the pack, download bursts of bullets and harm the enemy ranks with grenades, rockets and air strikes. Resist the endless hordes of zombies and exceeds three action packed maps! How long can you survive among the living dead?

No release date has been given yet though with the game having already been revealed to be listed in the app store, it’s assumed to be soon. Tiny Troopers 2 is already out on iOS and an Android version has already been confirmed.

Game Troopers released the runner, Monster GO! On Windows Phone this week and has also announced a new puzzle game called Lines which has been developed by Gamious, for release on June 18th as a timed exclusive for the platform. You can watch rather surreal trailer for the new Windows Phone game here.

What are you playing now on your Windows Phone? Angry Birds Star Wars II seems to be taking up most of my time. Share your recommendations with the WinBeta community in the comments below!