Time magazine offering a preview listen of Halo's "Hunt the Truth" Season 2 podcast

Michael Cottuli

Halo 5

Even for faithful Halo fans, it may come as a surprise to hear that Halo is more than just a first person shooter. Halo also offers a rich immersive story, as evident by the trio of novels spawned by the franchise during its early years. Halo’s robust story is perhaps one of the things that makes the game special, and arguably a prime factor in its longevity that has carried the storied franchise into its seventh major game, Halo 5: Guardians. One could easily argue that Bungie’s strong suit as a studio is in cultivating captivating worlds full of mystery and intrigue. Perhaps it is that sense of a much larger universe that raised Halo beyond the ranks of becoming just another “really good shooter.” Even with its newest hit Destiny: The Taken King, Bungie has proven that it knows how to build an interesting world.
While Bungie is no longer developing Halo, it still left behind a great universe the folks at 343 Studios are still inclined to explore. A while back, 343 Studios put out a podcast called “Hunt The Truth,” which was the story of Ben, a journalist who uncovered some unsettling secrets behind the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). The podcast became a sensation, garnering an audience of 6.7 million listeners and proof-positive that people really care about Halo’s story.
The folks at TIME magazine managed to get a preview of the new season of Hunt The Truth, which will debut tomorrow, September 22nd, on the podcast’s official Tumblr page. The preview teases the up coming story of FERO, and the trouble that her character is going through to try and expose her knowledge to the world. While many wait for the season to debut, all fans can do right now is speculate. With Halo 5 just on the horizon, and this new season of Hunt the Truth about to hit its stride, fans of Halo lore have a lot to be excited about.