Time to get creative as Movie Moments comes to Windows Phone 8.1

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Time to get creative as Movie Moments comes to Windows Phone 8.1

The smartphone has become so ubiquitous that cameras are now to be found in the bags of pockets of a huge proportion of the world's population. These are used to take photos, but they are also employed as video recorders, documenting important and interesting parts of our lives. What should you do with all of these video clips you capture? Turn them into something snappy and sharable, of course! And this is where Movie Moments can help.

The app started off life on Windows 8.1, but a mobile version has now been released for anyone who has upgraded their phone to Windows Phone 8.1. The idea is to create a clip of up to sixty seconds in length which can then be shared through the social network of your choice, via email, or just shown on your phone.

Creating your own movie moment is incredibly simple. Capture some footage and you will be invited to edit it down to a shorter clip -- you have a maximum length of one minute, but you can opt for less if you like. Don’t worry if you're not a dab hand at video editing, this is a simple matter of adjusting the start and end points.

If you want you can then go added and add caption, and you can then choose from background music to liven things up a little -- you can use music files you already have on your phone, or opt for something suggested by the app. That's all there is to it -- simple, easy fun.

Try it out for yourself and see what you think -- just hit the download link below.

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