Threema for Windows Phone messaging app arrives, takes data protection to the next level

Threema for Windows Phone messaging app arrives, takes data protection to the next level

As the debate on digital privacy continues, a market (albeit a relatively niche one at the moment) has emerged for devices and services that put privacy at the forefront. For those that value their privacy and security of their digital life, devices such as the Blackphone and FreedomPops ‘Snowden phone’ are now options to them. And on the software side, communication services such as WhatsApp have begun encrypting transmitted data.

Today, Windows Phone users can also keep their data secure from prying eyes with the official Threema app for Windows Phone. The growing communication app ensures that absolutely everything that is transmitted through the app will be viewed the intended recipient, and only the intended recipient. The developers claim that:

“Threema is a mobile messaging app that puts security first. With true end-to-end encryption, you can rest assured that only you and the intended recipient can read your messages. Unlike other popular messaging apps (including those claiming to use encryption), even we as the server operator have absolutely no way to read your messages.”

Aside from end-to-end encryption, the app promised to encrypt everything from transmitted text, photos, videos, voice messages, and a user’s location. Users can also rest assured that government agencies such as the NSA will not have the jurisdiction to access user data as all the hosting servers are located in Switzerland. Files stored locally on a phone will also be encrypted. Simply put, the only way for someone to pry on your information is if they were standing over your shoulder.

“You can use Threema completely anonymously, without giving away personal information, such as phone numbers or email addresses. Your messages will be deleted from our servers immediately after being delivered. Therefore, you're perfectly protected against data abuse.”

You can download Threema for Windows Phone now for $0.99 via the download link below!

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