Three new “training camp” video ads for Windows 8 debut, makes you wonder what you just watched

The Power of Touch

Microsoft has released three new video advertisements for Windows 8, but they are not just any advertisement you are familiar with. In fact, these three video ads make you scratch your head and think, “what the hell did I just watch?”

The main theme of the videos revolves around a “training camp” for Windows 8. Featuring Asian actors doing tasks that require multitasking and speed, Microsoft tries to convey that Windows 8 is the operating system that does it all.

In one video, we see a makeup contest to see who can put on make-up the fastest. In the end, Microsoft tells us that Windows 8 is “beautiful and fast.” The other two videos are just as weird. Some may actually find these videos to be entertaining, but an actual Windows 8 device or operating system doesn’t even make a cameo in the video ads. If you have a few minutes to spare, watch the videos below. Don’t’ say we didn’t warn you.

Microsoft immediately pulled these videos and the three ads have since gone private. But one user from The Verge was able to snag these videos for your viewing pleasures.

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