Thousands of students in Northern Ireland will get to play Minecraft as part of their education

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You’ll take the high road, I’ll take the low road, and 50,000 students from Northern Ireland will be able to make all the pixelled roads they want in Minecraft thanks to a massive project from CultureTECH. The project is funded by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure and is being used to help teach students through the popular building block technology.

CultureTECH released a story and video about the project today explaining how it will work. Students will gain access to MinecraftEdu which is tailored to be “more useful and appropriate for the classroom.” It will be distributed to the thousands of students through “over 200 schools, 30 libraries and community organizations, and a number of volunteer-led coding clubs.” The point of the project is to help kids learn through innovative technologies.

Using technology in the classroom is progressively more and more common but using technologies such as Minecraft in post primary schools is a fresh and creative way to engage youth. CultureTECH pointed out that Minecraft has already been used by MIT and the UN to teach things as advanced as quantum physics.

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