For those who use Google Reader, migrate to Feedly for a great alternative

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For those that are just tuning into the news, Google has decided to get rid of Google Reader as part of its “Spring Cleanup.” This has obviously upset many users who love using Google Reader to read feeds. I personally enjoy reading news on my smartphone using Google Reader. But dont worry, there is a great alternative out there that you should check out!

Feedly, which as already taken away 500,000 Google Reader subscribers from Google in just 48hours since Google’s announcement of shutting down Google Reader, is an awesome alternative and we recommend it for those of you who use Google Reader to read news from our site. Over the past few years, WinBeta has gained quite a bit of readership via Google Reader, so it only makes sense that we offer this suggestive tip to help you continue reading our site using a feed reader such as Feedly.

Feedly is allowing easy migration from Google Reader (as a matter of fact, it is seamless!) and the service offers similar features to Google Reader but also comes with some modern features and even a Tile View to read news! Feedly even plans to add new features weekly and take suggestions from users to improve upon its service.

So if you want to read WinBeta on Feedly, simply head over to and use your Google Reader credentials to migrate (or just create a new account). You can even download the Android or iOS apps below. Feedly has yet to release a Windows Phone app, but i’m sure it will be made available soon enough.

On Feedly, use the search area to search for, and select any of the feeds to add our site into your reading list! Happy reading!

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