Those Microsoft Reactor tech hubs are getting positive reaction

If you were curious about the progress of the Microsoft Reactor project, the Redmond giant made a quick update post to tell us that the project has been a resounding success. The three Microsoft Reactor locations in New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco have all been doing exceptionally well, being host to hundreds of events and becoming a workspace for tons of startup tech businesses.

The New York Reactor, opened last October in the Grand Central Terminal, has about 90 startups based there. The Philadelphia Reactor, which officially opened last November, is described by Philadelphia Magazine as being “in a league of its own."

Microsoft Reactor is the latest effort from Microsoft to empower local communities to do more with technology, offering up space where startups can do whatever they need to in order to realize their full potential. Each Reactor is tailored to the community that it's built in, and offers a place where innovators can engage in truly meaningful dialogues.

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