Those Fallout 4 socks you’ve been craving are 25% off at the Bethesda Store this Cyber Monday

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Time will tell whether or not Cyber Monday becomes as popular and culturally significant as its predecessor, Black Friday but today’s Cyber Monday seems to be garnering a great deal of savings and views from eager buyers and sellers.

Jumping on board the Cyber Monday hype train, Bethesda Softworks is offering consumers 25% savings on all items at the Bethesda Store (yeah I didn’t know that existed as well.)

Buyers looking for gifts for those some nitpicky or die hard Fallout 4, Dishonored, Elder Scroll or Quake fans can grab clothing, accessories and more for as low as $10.50.

At the Bethesda Store, buyers can collect items such as coffee mugs, sweaters, socks, beanies, mini fridge, rings, and sculptures for that particular family member, friend or co-worker this holiday season.

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