This week's Red Stripe Deals feature Reckless Racing Ultimate, Mind Games Pro, Lightbot, and more

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This week's Red Stripe Deals offers 50% and more off Windows 10 games and apps. This week's offerings include Reckless Racing Ultimate, Mind Games Pro, and Lightbot. Reckless Racing Ultimate allows you to race solo, with, or against your Xbox Live friends on a wide variety of dirt and road racing tracks. In Reckless Racing Ultimate, you can choose from a vast collection of muscle cars, dune buggies, and monster trucks to race. Normally $4.99, Reckless Racing Ultimate has been slashed to $2.49 in the Windows Store.Mind Games Pro ($2.49, normally $4.99) offers a different gaming experience.
Mind Games Pro is a game that exercises your mental agility with 23 unique games based on cognitive psychology principles. All the games include a score history and a progress graph so you can track your progress and work to improve your mental acuity.
In addition to these three Windows 10 games, there are five other games and apps offered at a discount through Red Stripe Deals, including:

This weeks Red Stripe Deals are good through August 26th.

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