This week’s build deemed “too buggy”, Insiders recommended to reset with Recovery Tool

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We were all expecting a build to come out today – so was the Insider team, in fact – but it seems like that’s not going to happen. According to a series of tweets from Dona Sarkar, the builds that were candidates for release this week were just too buggy to come out. If you were hoping to get a nice new batch of features baked into your Windows 10 device today, it seems like you’re out of luck.

Despite this latest build being under the “selfhost bar” that Microsoft has set, it seems like a technical snafu has caused a build to go out anyways – If you’re looking for it, it’s going by the name 16212, on both mobile and desktop. Dona reminds everyone that you shouldn’t install any builds without first seeing the blog post announcing its release – and if it’s already installing for you, you need to reset your device as soon as you can via the Windows Device Recovery Tool.

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