This time, Dona Sarkar gets some help announcing the latest upcoming Windows 10 Insiders build, 14971

Arif Bacchus

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A week and one day after announcing Build 14965, Dona Sarkar is at it again and is once again teasing us with hints of a new build.  This time, though, Dona had some help from the #WINsiders4Good Nigeria Fellows in making her announcement that Build 14971 is coming soon.

This exciting video featuring the very first group of WINsiders4Good Fellows means that a new build will be coming soon. As always, we can not be certain that the red button will be pushed today, but we can assure you that we’ve already prepared our Windows 10 devices for a new build. Rest assured, stay tuned to WinBeta, as we will be here to cover the release of Build 14971 once it is live!