This mom made her gamer son an Xbox One birthday cake

Whoever said that you can't have your cake and play it too? On Reddit, user Connor2451 shared a birthday surprise waiting for him. In celebration of his 16th birthday, Connor's mother decorated a square 16x16 cake into what is undoubtedly his console of choice: the Xbox One.

This mom made her gamer son an Xbox One birthday cake - - May 26, 2017

The cake is a hit on Reddit. Many gamers have shared their love of the cake and its baker, even sharing their own their own antics. "Leaked photos of the Scorpio" one teased as another pointed out that the cake posing as an Xbox is, indeed, a lie.

Others commenters have even come out sharing similar experiences with their own Xbox cake mishaps and successes. Here are a couple of shared images:

Even Xbox personality Major Nelson a.k.a. Larry Hryb chimed in. "What a great mom you have!" he expressed in the comments.

All in all, it's cool to see such delicious ways to celebrate Xbox gaming. Happy birthday, Connor 2451, and may there be a Project Scorpio cake in your future!

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