This is Microsoft’s new Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Kit McDonald

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Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

With the announcement of the Surface Studio desktop today, Microsoft also revealed their newest accessories including the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. Designed for use with Surface devices, the keyboard is sleek and fit with a Bluetooth wireless platform to work seamlessly with Windows 10 OS.

The 18.11 x 9.02 inch keyboard weighs 2.23 lbs and has a battery life of up to 12 months for the preinstalled AAA alkalines. It is lined with Alcantara fabric from Italy and curved to provide a comfortable surface for your palms to rest.

Here is more about the product:

  • QWERTY key life: 10,000,000 actuations per key
  • Hot key life: 500,000 actuations per key
  • Encryption features: 128bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
  • Typing speed: 200 characters per minute
  • Hot key features: Settings, Backlight+, Backlight-, Search, Task View, Action Center, Screen Lock, Calculator
  • Multimedia key features: Mute, Volume-, Volume+, Pause/Play, Page-, Page+
  • Multimedia key life: 500,000 actuations per key

For some, the lack of backlit keys might be a deal breaker which is a feature you’d expect in the $129.99 price tag. You can pre-order the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard as of today on Microsoft Store but it won’t be available until November 10.