Third-party Pokemon Go app, PoGo, returns to Windows 10

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At the end of July, a new app called PoGo was released in beta for Windows 10 devices. The app brought Pokemon Go to Windows 10 Mobile, as well as PC. Unfortunately, the app was short lived, with Niantic, the developers behind the official Pokemon Go game, adjusting their API which resulted in PoGo no longer being able to connect to it.

Good news has arrived though, PoGo has received a huge update that brings several improvements, as well as fixing the issues it faced with the API. The developers listed the changes on GitHub:

  • Changed capture page: you can now flick to throw the ball (experimental)
  • Added new map styles to mimic the original app (you can enable them in settings)
  • Added profile page with achievements
  • Added Pokemon detail page where you can evolve, power up and transfer your Pokemon
  • Added Pokemon and Eggs inventory, you can now Incubate your eggs
  • Added Google Login (not supporting 2FA for now)
  • Added translations
  • Added device spoofing, you device will now act as an iPhone to try preventing bugs (we can’t guarantee that you’re safe from bans, but this may help)
  • Fixed countless bugs
  • Revamped UI

As the changelog states, the app now spoofs the device, so that the game believes it is an iPhone, which should either prevent or make it harder for Niantic to ban accounts using the app.

There are also a few known issues to be wary of:

  • Some buttons are not working. They’re just placeholders but we didn’t add the features yet.
  • Closing button sometimes overlaps the Pokemon in catched Pokemon list
  • Opening the Pokemon details page may cause a crash
  • After leveling up, experience bar on map page shows a wrong value
  • Translations are incomplete
  • Wrong theme may be applied, leading to white text over light map
  • No visual feedback after Egg Hatching, you’ll still receive rewards but nothing is shown
  • Some animations really suck

This release brings the app to its Release Candidate phase. The version number is 1.1.0-rc1. You can get the latest release via the GitHub page here, which also provides instructions on installing the app on your device.

Let us know what you think about this update in the comments below!

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