Third party Periscope app Telescope arrives on Windows Phone the day after services’ premier

by Email Twitter: Sean_Michael_UK Mar 27th, 2015 in News

Telescope for Periscope

News travels fast. Twitter travels faster. News about Twitter practically breaks before it happens. The sensation of live streaming from phones over a social network took off recently with Meerkats buzzing around and was quickly followed by Twitter’s official streaming service ‘Periscope’. Now just the day after the official app came out, for iOS only, Windows Phone has a third party client titled ‘Telescope for Periscope.’

As one might expect from a third party app that was released the day after a service arrived, it is a bit buggy and lacks some key features. At the moment users of Telescope for Periscope can view lives streams but are not able to create their own. The app’s developer plans to add those features and hearts, messages, and more.

It’s worth pointing out that this is an unofficial app and could run into issues from Twitter but they have a good history with third party Twitter clients on Windows Phone such as Tweetium and Aeries so there’s a good chance Telescope for Periscope could stay as well.

The idea of live streaming everyday life from virtually anywhere brings us closer to ‘The Truman Show’ than ever but if you want to view a live stream without twitter or any furry animals you can check out our first live WinBeta podcast tonight.

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