Third-party developer working to bring Deliveroo to Windows 10 Mobile, here’s a first look

Jack Wilkinson

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Deliveroo is an online food order and delivery service, where a personal driver (usually on a bicycle or a motorbike) will travel to the restaurant of an order, pick up the items and deliver it to the delivery address. Restaurants partner with Deliveroo to offer their menus via the Deliveroo website and mobile apps. The description of the company reads:

Deliveroo is a British online food delivery company that has operations in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

Orders are placed through its website and then self-employed bicycle or motorcycle couriers transport orders from restaurants to customers.

The company offers apps on both iOS and Android, allowing customers to order food from the palm of their hand. Unfortunately, the company has not shown any interest in developing an app for Windows 10 Mobile. Luckily, though, a third-party app developer is working to change this, by creating his own app that will bring food ordering to Windows 10 Mobile devices, with the possibility of other Windows 10 devices also being supported, as it is a Universal App.

The developer announced the project on reddit, where he stated that the app is “coming along nicely” and showed a few screenshots of what’s available so far:

It looks as though the app will be called Kangaroo, although, this isn’t confirmed as yet. A beta version is expected to be released “ASAP,” however, the final version of the app is unlikely to include an option to add payment methods, so users will still need to do this via the Deliveroo website.