Features that I love in Windows 8 (editorial)

Windows 8 is the major upcoming version of Windows. A lot of fundamental changes have been made in Windows 8. Some are very exciting while some are not. Here are some of the things that I love about Windows 8.

Faster Boot-up and Shutdown

Windows 8 has been designed to boot faster than ever before. On my laptop with an average configuration, it hardly takes around 8 seconds to reach the Start Screen. Booting of the system is indeed very fast and this is the sector on which Microsoft has worked really hard. Also the shutdown time has been drastically decreased. On the same laptop, the computer fully shuts down in around 5 seconds, which is awesome.

Better Explorer

With the introduction of Ribbon interface in Windows Explorer, Microsoft has made serious efforts to simplify the experience of Windows Explorer. Now doing day to day tasks like copying, renaming, and moving files have been made a lot easier. They require fewer keystrokes compared to Windows 7. The ribbon interface puts all the key options that a user requires right at our fingertips. Also there is an option to minimize the ribbon interface if you don’t like it. So Ribbon haters have also been given what they want as well.

Better File Copying Experience

With Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a better copying experience by providing a new copy dialog box, pause, and resume features. Now the user can pause an ongoing copy process to speed up the other copying process and can resume it later. This is a feature that was requested a long time ago. Also, all copy process are now integrated in a single dialog box. So you don’t have to search cluelessly for the dialog box of the file that you were copying.

Connected to the Cloud

This is one of the features that I really love in Windows 8. Your device is connected with the cloud and all your files, settings, etc, are synced to any other device that you log in with your Microsoft Account. This makes managing your PC easier because you don’t have to do the same settings every time you buy a new PC or re-install Windows on your device. All your favorites and pinned websites, your desktop wallpaper, your lock screen wallpaper, your account picture etc are automatically synced to the device you use, making the device feel more personal.

These are some of the features that I love in Windows 8. Let’s hear yours.

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