These are Microsoft's two expensive NFL Super Bowl XLIX commercials


These are Microsoft's two expensive NFL Super Bowl XLIX tv commercials

NFL Super Bowl XLIX is set to take place in just a few hours and millions of viewers interested in football will tune in from around the globe to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots. The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL).

But there wont just be football and great food in your living room. Millions of viewers will also be watching expensive TV commercials during the Super Bowl. Microsoft, looking to catch the attention of the millions of Super Bowl viewers, has two very expensive ad spots (at least a few million dollars just to have these ads playing during this very special time slot) set to run during the big game, and we’ve embedded both TV commercials below for your early viewing pleasure.

In this commercial, Microsoft highlights the power of technology and how it can help people achieve their goals. The whole point of the video ad is to highlight how technology (as well as Microsoft’s own technologies) are able to help those in need and change people’s lives.

“Born missing the tibia and fibula bones in both of his legs, six year old Braylon O’Neill is now thriving and playing sports with the help of Microsoft technology. Join us as we celebrate empowering stories of people who achieve their goals, helped in part by Microsoft technology. What can you do?” the video description reads.

In the video above, Microsoft highlights how individuals and organizations can do more and achieve more thanks to technology. In this video, Estella Pyfrom brings technology to kids in what she calls a “Brilliant Bus.” 

“Estella Pyfrom brings technology access to kids, literally. Her Brilliant Bus is a mobile learning station that gives under served communities access to the technology that will help them reach their potential,” the video description reads.

The theme of these two ads is the word “empowering” and brings together technology with culture and humanity. These two ads are brilliant examples of how Microsoft and technology can be used to help those in need or to improve our quality of life. You can head over to the VIA link below to take a closer look at these two ads.

Let us know if you like these ads and who you are rooting for in the Super Bowl! Enjoy the game!