There wasn’t a new Windows 10 Insider build this week: Dona Sarkar explains why

Kip Kniskern

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Early this week, chief Windows Insider Dona Sarkar tweeted out that there wouldn’t be new builds on Tuesday or Wednesday, leading of course to speculation that there would indeed be new builds by Friday at the latest.

Well, that didn’t happen. At about noon Pacific (Redmond) time today, Sarkar let us know that it just wasn’t going to happen, and just a short time ago she posted to the Windows 10 Feedback Hub with a bit of an explanation:

Many of you have been asking about getting a new build this week. Unfortunately, we don’t have a good candidate to release to you right now. We have hit an issue with N + 1 updates (the update path going forward from one build to another). We have a commitment to never leave our community in a bad state if we can help it. We certainly don’t want to release a build that would leave Insiders stuck and requiring a reinstall of Windows to get back into a good state. We believe we have solved the issue and are pushing new builds out through our internal rings right now to test the solution. If everything looks good, we hope to have a new build for you next week.

While we are a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to start the new year off with a bang, it’s good to hear that the showstopping issues have apparently been fixed, and that things look good for next week. Oh well, at least we had all the news coming out of CES to keep us occupied!

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