The Xbox October Update goes live today with a number of improvements

Robert Collins

The Xbox update for October goes live today. These monthly updates continue to evolve the Xbox experience and make it better with enhancements and new features. Here is a look at what the October update brings with it.

Change your TV volume

For Xbox Series X|S consoles connected to TVs via HDMI, TV volume can now be changed inside the audio and music section of the Xbox guide. Press the Xbox button, navigate to Audio & Music, and find the buttons to change TV volume or mute it. You may never have to reach for your remote in the middle of a game or movie again!

Xbox CEC TV volume 59d258f411df1be8de7f

Mute startup audio

This oft-requested feature will be a crowd-pleaser for sure. You can now customize your settings to mute all sounds when starting up your Xbox. Navigate to Profile & System > Settings > General > Volume & audio output > Additional options where you can select Mute startup sounds. You can now adjust the power chime here as well.

Xbox Mute Boot Audio 78a74b9b7a4fa2f254fd

Select your home Xbox

Making a specific Xbox console your ‘home Xbox’ gives friends and family access to the console when you’re not signed in. It also lets you play your digital games offline.

Xbox Home console a5c14c8f2c72a7e5acf8

Power mode options screen changes

Name changes have been made to the power mode options. “Standby” has been renamed “Sleep.” And “Energy Saver” is now “Shutdown (energy saving).” To access these options open the guide and navigate to Profile & system > Settings > General > Power options.

You may have noticed that we recently reported that a new power options screen is currently in beta testing, that will allow you to see how much energy is used in each power mode. Look for this in a future update coming soon.

Xbox Power Options Shutdown ed5df9b6c92fbfc51e63

Xbox passkeys now Xbox PINs

This is merely a name change. Passkeys (now PINs) will work the same way as before.

Xbox PIN c646b3ace43813c70559

Xbox controller firmware update

This update features bug fixes for most Xbox controllers.

Edit and trim your game clips in the mobile Xbox app

In the mobile Xbox beta app on Android and iOS, you can now make edits to your game captures. Go to Library Captures to get started. You can also now share your captures via the Xbox Game Bar to To access the game bar in Windows press the Windows logo key + G. Or press the Xbox button on an Xbox controller. From there: Captures > See all my captures, then select a clip and then select Share to

Xbox app video trim 18484b9e9155cbb9d6b3

All images via Xbox Wire.