The Xbox Live Indie Games program is shutting down next month

This is a reminder that the Xbox 360 program Xbox Live Indie Games created to encourage developers on the platform is wrapping up next month (via Neowin). The program is scheduled to be decommissioned and all the games from it unlisted in the Xbox 360 store in September following up on a plan released two years ago.

Many popular titles that have come out through the Xbox 360 era such as Super Meat Boy, Limbo, and more have already converted over to the Xbox Backward Compatibility program. While the titles won't be available in the store anymore, gamers can still play their purchases still downloaded on their devices.

The program will have ran for eleven years. Indie developers are being encouraged to join the [email protected] platform now instead, ushering in an improved way to create video games for Xbox One and Windows 10. You can read more details about the [email protected] program here at OnMSFT.

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