The weather widget on Windows 11 is getting more accurate thanks to these changes

Kevin Okemwa

Updated on:

Windows 11 widgets

The Windows 11 weather widget has been enhanced and is set to display more accurate weather forecasts. The previous weather widget on Windows 11 was a tad inconcise in terms of location.

Some users have already spotted the change and indicated that the weather widget is functioning better. “It’s detecting me in the correct city for the first time ever after upgrading to 25179”. You may spot the location icon in the notification area indicating that the Windows Widget is using your precise location. You will have to enable the Location setting on your device for you to make use of this feature.

However, if you do not have any use for this feature you can opt to disable it. Check out our expert guide on how to disable widgets in Windows 11. In other related news, there was an indication that Windows 11 users could soon be able to install third-party widgets from the Microsoft Store.