The Sea of Thieves closed beta is the most watched game on Twitch and Mixer today

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This is a big deal. Sea of Thieves, the newest game to come out of legendary company Rare, is currently the most viewed title on both Mixer and Twitch - and by no small margin. Sea of Thieves has surpassed not only PUBG and Fortnite, but even League of Legends, by well over 50,000 viewers. For a game that has thus far not seemed very anticipated by the everyday gamer, this kind of viewership is an extraordinarily good omen.

The sea of thieves closed beta is the most watched game on twitch and mixer today - onmsft. Com - january 24, 2018
The sea of thieves closed beta

The viewership numbers can. at least partially, be explained by the fact that a few very popular variety streamers are spending the day on it. Specifically, Twitch legend "Lirik" is streaming the game with about 60,000 viewers at the time of writing. Subtracting his numbers, however, the game is still outpacing the usual king of the hill, League of Legends. We'll see if Sea of Thieves can maintain a following for any extended period of time, but this boom of attention is a great sign for Rare.

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