The OneDrive decision: reaction is swift and negative

Kip Kniskern

Last evening, Microsoft posted a bit of a bombshell, announcing that it was cutting free OneDrive storage from 15GB to 5GB, dropping unlimited storage for Office 365 accounts for a 1TB plan, and also dropping future 100GB and 200GB plans.
Reaction has been predictably swift, loud, and negative.  There are currently almost 500 comments on the original OneDrive Blog post, and over 170 comments on our post here at WinBeta. Twitter comments have not been kind, either:
Reaction in articles and web posts has been negative, too.  Ed Bott posted (thankfully not in all caps) that “Scrooge McDuck is now in charge of Microsoft’s consumer cloud division”, and The Wall Street Journal noted that “At a time when many companies are expanding cloud storage options, Microsoft Corp. is shrinking its offerings”.
Are you incensed by the recent OneDrive decision? Do you think they went too far? Does the decision affect your perception on Microsoft, and your interest in continuing to use OneDrive?